Thursday, May 4, 2017

Spring and all

There. We’ve planted the dahlias, two kinds of tomatoes, five kinds of peppers, two kinds of eggplant, zucchini, impatiens, and geraniums. The cucumbers — not yet, as well as a few other barrels and pots, which we will get to by and by. The strawberries are blooming. The irises will be soon. The jade plants are out of the warm garage and back on the front step. The hostas have all emerged from their muddy hiding places, as if their sole purpose is to laugh at the slugs.... As you might have guessed, there has been a change in the weather. Yesterday the thermometer raced up to eighty-four degrees, bypassing the sixties and seventies, and today it is eighty-one. But just within the last few minutes, there have been several rumbles of thunder, as cool air is returning — the cloud formations are beautiful — and tomorrow we expect to be in the fifties again. This is typical spring weather here. Until summer settles in, twenty- and thirty-degree fluctuations are not unusual. Let’s see, now. What else? Oh, yes. Now — is no time to be afraid of love. For we have tried everything else.

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